CB 4 GameCamps

The Central Baltic region (CBR) has achieved an enormous position in the current early phase of global markets of Games industries. The drivers of development so far have been the technological competitiveness and ambitious pioneering entrepreneurs (e.g., King Digital, Rovio, Supercell). The markets are now moving to the rapid growth stage, which mean that business, especially marketing and sales skills, as well as more networked view of production and sales, will be emphasized the next few years. On the other, in terms of business opportunities, application of knowledge and skills of games industry in the other fields will increase rapidly.

Game Camps project is an initiative to strenghten cross-border ties between the Baltic Sea countries’ game industries. It’s express goal is to help establish at least 10 cross-border game companies over the 2016-2019 years, working with no less than 240 aspiring game developers from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden.

The project organizes four Game Camps – events, one in each country and organizes an investor event for top teams. A Game Camp is meant for game developers to form teams and new game startups. Project supports also existing early-stage game startups.

Game Camps is co-financed by the EU INTERREG Central Baltic programme.

Project’s lead partner is Cursor Oy. Other partners are Estonian Digital Centre (DIGIX), Latvian Technological Center (LTC) and Science Park Gotland. Estonian Digital Centre was changed to Tartu Science Park at the early stage of the project.

Kohderyhmille tuotetut palvelut:

This project is focused on creation of joint cross-border companies and seeks to enhance and strengthen the CB region as a globally competitive hub for the cross-border gaming industry’ s start-ups and companies. Planned cross-border activities help to identify and provide the missing links to the CB gaming sector ecosystem at the emerging phase of global gaming industry and to enchance its value in the global ecosystem. Cooperation in this new innovative sector is crucial to gain critical mass for the industry in the CB region and to increase the number of SMEs and jobs.

Keskeiset toimenpiteet:

The project contributes to solving common challenges in the CB region’s gaming industry companies by identifying their common interests and needs for joint development, by supporting the creation of joint cross-border companies and their further integration and cooperation, and by developing a new type of gaming sector’s joint venture accelerator for the CB region. Specifically designed training and matchmaking events called Game Camps, will be organized in all participating countries (Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Latvia).

Hankkeen hyöty kohderyhmälle:

During the project at least 10 new joint cross-border companies will be formed and a total of 240 people will participate in the Game Camps events organized in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. Also, an acceleration program is made for creating and mentoring new cross-border game startups.