Tourism promotion services

Travel near, get far

The aim of the regional tourism organisation is to support the growth of the tourism industry. We support the development of tourism both through strategic, long-term actions and choices, as well as through agile promotional measures and tourism marketing.

We support the attractiveness of the tourist destination in selected markets and segments, utilising our own channels, and purchased and earned visibility.

We create opportunities for growth with thoughtful measures for professional tourism work, networks, new distribution channels and markets.

We support customer paths at the destination, for example through operational coordination of tourist information.

We actively cooperate in the provincial networks, the sub-region and the national tourism organisation.

We regularly organise network meetings for tourism entrepreneurs in the area, carry out regional trainings and share information on services for entrepreneurs. We coordinate tourism operators towards a common goal, sustainable and competitive tourism. In addition, we coordinate research and statistics on tourism at the regional level.