Strategy and sustainability

Strategy provides vitality

The main objectives of Cursor’s strategy stem from the region’s industrial strategy and customer needs. The region’s industrial strategy is one of the key factors guiding Cursor’s strategy and operations

Cursor’s performance targets are defined in our annual plans. Our mission is to promote and diversify the business community in order to develop business operations and secure remunerative employment in the southern Kymenlaakso region.

In our operations, we show leadership as a developer of the region’s business operations. We react quickly to customer needs and changing circumstances. Our board has decided that the strategy will remain in force until further notice, and will be updated if necessary.

Cursor’s strategy 2023 (FI)

We act responsibly

At Cursor, we strive towards long-term business activities by acting ethically and responsibly in matters related to people, the economy, the region, society and the environment. Our commitment to responsible and open business is a key part of our day-to-day operations. These operating principles, and Cursor’s values and management practices form the basis for the company’s operating methods and efforts to work towards a sustainable future

At Cursor, we treat all employees fairly and equally. Employees are paid fair compensation for their work and are encouraged to develop and grow personally and professionally. We encourage all employees to take care of their wellbeing.

We are committed to operating in accordance with the principles of sustainable development in all our business activities. We are aware of the environmental impact of our business and strive to prevent our operations from having adverse effects on the environment, achieving this through means such as reducing emissions, streamlining energy and water consumption, and taking care of waste sorting and recycling.

We encourage staff to choose more environmentally friendly ways to get around, for example on a shared electric bike, which can be borrowed to move between nearby meetings during the working day. We participate in various campaigns such as a mileage race and stair days. For conference meals, we favour local food and seek to increase the vegetarian options on offer.