Expert marketing

Employer: are you looking for new talent or do you want to hold on to your current employees?

Expert marketing is marketing communications targeted at the company’s current, former, and future experts. Expert marketing improves companies’ ability to keep their current talents and to attract new talent to join their team.

At Cursor, we respond to the international shortage of talent with multidisciplinary cooperation and partnerships, timely marketing communications and international expertise. We have brought together the municipalities, companies, educational institutions of the region, the TE Office, the ELY Centre and third sector actors.

This is how we attract talent to come and stay in the region

Encounters between experts and companies are a key part of expert marketing and the development of the attractiveness of the Kotka-Hamina region. We attract new experts to the area by utilising social media channels, video productions, expert seminars, public events and workshops, as well as direct contact with the media.

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