Development projects

Development funding to create vitality

Through development projects, we improve the operating conditions of companies in our region and promote the growth and success of companies.

The development projects will be used to implement Finland’s Structural Funds programme, the Rural Development Programme for South-Eastern Finland, the Maritime and Fisheries Programme and the cross-border South-East Finland and Russia CBC, and Central Baltic programmes. The programmes are financial instruments of the EU, aimed at harmonising the activities of the Member States and reducing disparities in the development of European regions. Funding from the EU plays an important role in the development of the vitality of Finland and the region.

Development funding for your company?

Funding from the Structural Funds can also be granted for a development or investment project for your company, if it meets the funding criteria. The project can be related to production, internationalisation or know-how, for example, and must have a significant impact on your company’s operations, renewal, growth, and competitiveness.

A maximum of 50 % is granted for development work. In investment projects, the aid amounts to 10-35 %.

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