Tesla Gigafactory: South-Eastern Finland makes a strong investment offer

South-Eastern Finland has made an extremely competitive offer to host the Tesla Gigafactory, which includes a logistics network extending to Central Europe and Russia. The biggest Finnish cargo port, located in the Kotka-Hamina region, and the railway transportation center in Kouvola are parts of the Trans-European Transport Network. This infrastructure can offer cost-effective logistics services for big industrial players like Tesla.

South-Eastern Finland has received international recognition for its research in technologies and promoting innovation. The Lappeenranta University of Technology, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences and the cities in the region have a long tradition of collaboration with Russia and EU countries. This enables us to offer Tesla a variety of partnerships for high-level research and development of new technologies. Close international collaboration also guarantees access to the talent necessary for business development.

Pioneer in energy technologies

South-Eastern Finland offers a wide range of energy supply options. We have reliable and well-developed infrastructure for energy distribution and we can offer solutions based on wind and solar energy. Finland is also famous for creating the trigeneration process, where cooling is generated using the same process as for heat and electricity.

It is important for big industrial investors that energy is cheap. In this regard, we can make a much better offer to Tesla than many other countries. Companies will come to use a reliable electricity network and associated smart services. We are also committed to the Cleantech and Zero Waste models for a better future for South-Eastern Finland.

Safe country for business

In the international arena, Finland is sometimes jokingly referred to as a “victim of its own honesty”. Transparent decision-making processes and social stability have become badges of honor that we can offer to foreign investors. Our country is a safe place to live, work and have fun.

Among global companies, Google has already invested in our region and uses our services. Several other companies are also making the most of our vast experience in bringing in international investments. We are good at welcoming our clients and understanding their needs.

One of the world’s best education systems and high standards of social and health care make life good in Finland. Every year, schools and universities produce young professionals who are eager to take on global challenges.



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