Guest marinas turning into sustainable attractions

New business concepts have been introduced during 2016 for four guest marinas at the Eastern Gulf of Finland, namely the new guest harbour of Porvoo, and the existing ones of Laivasilta in Loviisa, Tervasaari in Hamina, and finally Klamila in Virolahti as the easternmost destination. The concepts were compiled by FCG Design and Engineering by order of the regional business agencies Posintra Ltd and Cursor Ltd.

Enthusiastic groups of local entrepreneurs, boaters and other interested parties took part in joint concept planning in each marina. In addition to traditional port services, the question how to connect the marinas more closely with local tourism and leisure offering stood in the centre of attention. Local authorities were also involved; gaining a clear indication of what kind of public investments would be the best choice to support the future development and growth.

Different strengths and starting points

In Porvoo, where the guest marina will be moved from the current site to an entirely new location on the western bank of the river Porvoonjoki, the work starts almost from scratch. It allows application of totally new solutions and even bold experimentations – yet keeping in mind the character of Porvoo’s historic centre. Loviisa’s particular emphasis lays on local traditions, events and destinations inspired, for example, by manor and wedding romantic. The boating and recreational facilities of Tervasaari in Hamina are a part of wider territorial development with ambitious plans for residential and commercial construction. Finally, located in the immediate proximity of the Russian border, Klamila harbour in Virolahti combines history, culture and nature in a unique way.

Framework for sustainable development

The developed business concepts are based on jointly identified demand and attractiveness factors. New business opportunities arise from future trends in boating, tourism and leisure, as well as new models of consumption and ownership. The concepts define the key customer groups, basic port services, specific tourism and leisure service concepts, and operating models – all with similar framework for each marina.  In addition, the sustainability of the concepts was assessed in terms of business potential, vitality of the local culture, ecological sustainability, and technical feasibility.

Different – but together

Although the concept framework is similar for all, the contents within vary from port to port. Easy Stay offers opportunities for comfortable accommodation with a slightly different orientation at each port, from container and other special accommodation forms to hotel level. Easy Sails means services that provide easy access to water for those who do not own a boat. Easy Activities presents recreation and sports opportunities at the port area, and Local Visits & Experiences can include local food, local traditions and tours to surrounding tourist attractions. Events & Venues delivers different event and banquet arrangements for groups and businesses. Some of the services are already available, but active product development as well as new entrepreneurs and co-operation networks are also needed. All the guest marinas offer space and interesting business opportunities for different service providers and operators, as well as business specialised in transport and mobility services.

Preconditions for business and growth

Public investments are laying the ground for long-term business operations and commercial investments. The participating municipalities are strongly committed to further development of the marinas, and the first concrete measures are already under way. Porvoo has launched a spatial planning process, and a general plan for renovation of the main pier is going on in Loviisa. Hamina has renewed signing for boaters in the approach channel and also lighting in the port area. Klamila harbour has introduced a new automatic fuel dispenser with payment terminal. More measures to improve the ports’ services are yet to come during the years 2017 and 2018.

More visibility through co-operation

Each marina has its own distinctive profile, but the concepts with similar structure and the possibility to combine and share resources allow stronger development of visibility and attractiveness of the ports as boating and tourist destinations. Benefits will even increase if all destinations of the 30MILES network join the co-operation with the total of 12 small ports along the coast of Finland and Estonia. Concrete examples of joint efforts could be sailing events, or jointly elaborated benefits or lunch packages for regular customers.

New concepts to be presented at the Helsinki Boat Show

The 30MILES project consortium will organise an Easy Sailing East! -seminar at the Helsinki International Boat Show 15 February 2017 at 9-16. The seminar focuses on promotion of water tourism and development of services in small ports of the Eastern Gulf of Finland, and introduces also the new business concepts that have been compiled. The afternoon section aims at raising the interest of marina operators and service providers towards new marinas and business opportunities. The seminar is free of charge, and the registration is open until January 31. All seminar participants will receive a ticket to the fair.

Seminar registration via this link:


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