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Why Finland?

  • Bridge between EU and Russia
  • Globally competitive industry clusters
  • Strong industrial tradition and vision for the future
  • Fast, reliable telecommunications systems and networks available for the whole region
  • Stable financial environment and institutions, competitive financing services
  • Versatile accurate societal services e.g. health care, hospitals, emergency services, social services, security
  • Highly educated workforce

Total area: 338,000 square kilometres
Population: 5.4 million
Languages: Finnish 90.67%, Swedish 5.43%, Lappish 0.03%, Russian 0.97%, other 2.90%. Finnish and Swedish are the official languages. English is an important business language.
Neighbouring countries: Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Russia (Finland’s 1,269-km-long land border with Russia is the eastern border of the European Union)

Main sectors:

  • Machinery and metal industries
  • Electronics and electrical industries
  • Forest industry


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The regional development company for Kotka-Hamina, Cursor Oy, reinforces the region's expertise, competitiveness and attractiveness by developing corporate business. We serve all business people in South Kymenlaakso as well as people with start-ups and companies relocating in the region with matters regarding starting and developing companies. is a web-based service maintained by Cursor Oy, with information on Cursor's services and functions as well as information on the Kotka-Hamina region. Use of the service is free of charge and it does not require registration. We will be happy to receive your feedback on the website at the address

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