Free business rooms and warehouse spaces nearby Vaalimaa

Now it is excellent good change to get involved to Vaalimaa site new and strong and profitable growth. The economic value of the site and business rooms will be increased along with the growth of construction at Vaalimaa site and the growth of potential business activities there. Distance to the Russian enormous business activities is only approx. 6 km.


Nearby Vaalimaa frontier zone`s business area site, at address Laisniementie 20, 49730 Muurikkala (see:, there are available free business rooms and warehouse spaces which are readymade and they all are also in good condition for various business activities or warehousing operation. Spaces and the site are also very compatible for other multifunctional operation and activities of various production plants and various warehousing operations.

In the main building, floor area approx. 1 000 m2, there are heated spaces approx. 600 m2, hall free height 3,8 m - 4,1 m. Besides there are office, meeting room, social and maintenance rooms and several covered warehouses. The main building has load bearing, even and dust free vacuum concrete floor. On the site there are also timber drying plant with 2-chamber, biomass fired heating plant and biomass storage. Covered storages with different size there are approx. 150 m2.

The object is located at outstanding traffic conditions and connections. All needed utility connections are also readymade.

Buildings, rooms and the site can be easily converted or extended into multipurpose business activities or multipurpose productional operations when needed. The main building can also easily be enlarged with heated or nonheated rooms when needed.

The business rooms and warehouse spaces both office, meeting room, social and maintenance rooms are heated with biomass fired boiler (reserve oil). The boiler has extra capacity for new heated rooms or productional process operation demand.

The site area is approx. 25 000 m2, it is even, wide, partly illuminated and covered with crushed stone. The site has two connecting roads and site is also bearing for heavy truck traffic. The unused site permitted building volume (e = 0,25) is over 5 000 m2. The site can also be extended to the neighboring site when needed.

The site and buildings will be sold up (for instance as share transaction of the company or as property of the real estate of the company) or leased out as a hole or also as portion of peace of the real estate.

Please contact us and tell and describe us your demand or let us agree to have a common visit to the site. After that we can tell you more detailed of the object and it`s feasibility to your demand. After these activities we are ready to submit according your needs related tailored proposal to you.

Please contact: Ilkka Maaskola, Balkenholz Oy, +358 45 2620760,  Hey there, we are using also WhatsApp !

Vuokraus & myynti
Approx. 25 000 m2
Kohteen osoite: 
Laisniementie 20, 49730 Muurikkala
Ilkka Maaskola
Balkenholz Oy
Mob +358-45-2620760

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