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Playa is a community of game industry players in the region of South-Eastern Finland. The community consists of game developers, game equipment manufacturers, suppliers, educational institutes and other stakeholders. Playa Game Industry Hub is based in Kotka, Finland, nestled between the metropolitan areas of Helsinki and St. Petersburg.
As a regional development company, Cursor is aiming to equip the game industry cluster with tools that will create added visibility, common resources and activities that will help boost growth and expansion of the local game industry. The common marketing brand “Playa Game Industry Hub” will help the cluster stand out in the global market place. Through our expertise and contacts, we are also helping and educating the new and already established companies in day-to-day activities of running a business.

Cursor and partners develop tools for the Playa concept to better support the companies, especially start-ups, with their business development, financing, publishing and networking with the right partners. In order to provide added value to the cluster, fruitful cooperation with partners in Finland and abroad is key – especially, as being one of Cursor’s areas of excellence, tapping into the massive possibilities provided by Russia.

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The regional development company for Kotka-Hamina, Cursor Oy, reinforces the region's expertise, competitiveness and attractiveness by developing corporate business. We serve all business people in South Kymenlaakso as well as people with start-ups and companies relocating in the region with matters regarding starting and developing companies. is a web-based service maintained by Cursor Oy, with information on Cursor's services and functions as well as information on the Kotka-Hamina region. Use of the service is free of charge and it does not require registration. We will be happy to receive your feedback on the website at the address

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